4. June 2017

Why Self-Care?

…anima sana in corpore sano…

The concept of self-care is not new to Europe – but we need to integrate it better into modern society. Issues of demographics, aging, economy, health literacy, equal access to health – and above all, the creation of a sustainable healthy lifestyle that centers on staying well, rather than fixing ills.

Self-care is for the young and old, for the strong and weak, for the rich and poor – it is at its core the maintaining of health for and wellbeing before, during, and after other contact with healthcare systems; and a tool that empowers individuals to take action in their own lives.

Video created at the Final Conference for the EU-funded PiSCE-project, March 2017

Minor and major choices

For SCiE we also find self-care as part of a continuum of care. And so self-care, self-management, patient empowerment, and also the role of the health care systems and health literacy – are all part of this same continuum and should thus provide good interaction at a multitude of levels.

Self-care is not defined by a specific ailments or a specific group – it is a central part of life and health.

As organisations and experts this also means we have different roles at different stages; Sometimes we may need to support self-care practices to evolve into habits. Sometimes we may need to observe existing self-care practices to better understand how new services might help and augment – and not simply replace other existing good practices. But at all times we should use good sense and interest to share our knowledge and understanding of these practices.