4. June 2017

What is Self-Care?

Self-Care – a continuum of potential

Self-Care: a learned tool enabling people to maintain health and to cope with illness and disability. Along with better health literacy it also supports optimal and timely use of available health services while avoiding a total dependency upon them for minor ailments.”


The UK-based Self Care Forum has developed the image above – showing how self-care and self-care acts play a significant role in all areas of health. It also underlines, that self-care is a part of a continuum, where other people – sometimes your family and friends, but naturally also trained health professionals might be needed to help you maintain or regain health and wellbeing; indeed often also with a chronic condition.

Self-Care is not a matter of specific situations or ailments, but an approach or philosphy, that should be a central part of our lifestyle and approach to healthy choices. From diet and exercise to health literacy and at times also compliance to treatment – all are part of the same effort or informed choice to self-care.