27. October 2018


Material for local activity, for sharing online, or for support at events when/where possible. We welcome additional ideas and will gladly add more as possible. This includes:

  • A SoMe starter kit
  • Banner
  • Posters – vertical and horizontal
  • Poster with self-care definition
  • Videos – ours and shared
  • Leaflet / Logos

Self-Care and Antibiotic Awareness?
For more, visit the European Antibiotic Awareness Day-site.

Local events?
This pdf of slides with ideas for workplaces, schools, SoMe initiatives, events or use of your network might help you to locally discuss how to activate the materials. We also recommend the materials at the Self-Care Week UK resource site.


Self-Care SoMe Starter Kit

Are you active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or… then use the opportunity to share messages about self-care. You can use some of the materials here (images, videos, or links), but you can also download and peruse our Self-Care SoMe Starter Kit (word-doc).


Self-Care SoMe campaign banner

– copy – and do share today, tomorrow, and again and again… via your favourite digital channel.


Posters type 1 – vertical
– awareness, action, and local advice about self-care

Download all as pdf (eg for print or easy mail sharing).


Posters type 2 – horizontal
– awareness and action – can be used for SoMe also

Download all as pdf (eg for print)


Poster – Definition

A poster with our working definition of self-care… just in case.


Videos / Animations

Find a collection of videos here – more to come.

Download posters as PP-slides; animated as continuous show (for screens – or by editing for presentations)


Leaflet and e-book

Download leaflet here.

We can also suggest reading/sharing the e-book on the future of self-care we published in November 2018.

The toolkit for 2019 and the toolkit for 2018 has a lot more advice/graphics you can consider. The dates may be wrong, but the content is universal.


Logos for SCiE / SCwE

Antibiotic Awareness materials

Created by ECDC – European Center for Disease Prevention and Control as part of European Antibiotic Awareness Day, November 18, 2019.

General information Materials for public Videos