5. November 2019

Toolkit 2018



Postcards (A4) – can be printed on strong paper (and cut to size) or shared online

Leaflet – about self-care

Self-Care Week Leaflet (four page pdf, English)
Self-Care Week Leaflet for translation (word)

Twitter – banners

With heart & hashtag

With mini-postcards & hashtag

Slogan posters

Slogan posters – plain (A3)
(can be printed as A4 and/or shared digitally)

Slogan posters with self-care definition (A3 – can be printed as A4)

Advice posters

pdf with all in A3 (can be printed as A4) or word (allowing adaptation and expansion of advice)


Logos – with different info

(Right-click to download)


Looking for initial ideas on actions?

This initial ideas presentation with ideas for workplaces, schools, SoMe campaigns, events or use of network might help you.

Self Care Forum

You want more? Check out the materials (in English only) at the Self-Care Week UK resource site. You can find posters, leaflets, web buttons, and other useful links and fact sheets.

Antibiotic Awareness materials

Created by ECDC – European Center for Disease Prevention and Control as part of European Antibiotic Awareness Day, November 15, 2018.

General information Materials for public Videos