18. January 2018

Rafael Bengoa

Rafael Bengoa, Institute for Health and Strategy, Bilbao

Dr. Rafael Bengoa practiced for seven years in both hospital and primary care. He holds MsCs in Community Medicine and Health Systems Management from the University of London.

He has worked for 15 years for the World Health Organization in Copenhagen and Geneva, where he was Director of Management of Chronic Conditions and later Director for Health System Policies.

From 2009 to 2013 he was Minister for Health and Consumer Affairs in the Basque Regional Government, and is Vice Chairman of the EU Advisory Group of Horizon 20/20, which deals with health, demography and wellbeing. Internationally and in Spain he has led numerous healthcare panels and policy documents.

A Senior Fellow of Harvard University School of Public Health. He teaches strategic leadership at Harvard and at McGill, Canada.

Now, he is the co-director of the Institute for Health and Strategy (SI-Health) in Bilbao. “The Institute is specialised in supporting governments and organizations across Europe on the design and implementation of strategic change and adaptive leadership”.

The Institute for Health and Strategy (SI-HEALTH)
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