6. November 2018

E-book; The Future of Self-Care in Europe

Visions and voices about the future of self-care in Europe

E-book Forewords by  Contributors

“National health programs – governed by a mindset with a close focus on disease, hospital treatment, and medication – miss out on the huge gains a mindset with a better balance towards prevention and self-care can cause.”
Jakob Cold, Deputy Director General, Danish Medicines Agency

“Self-management education should be made widely available in the community as part of integrated care planning.”
Kaisa Immonen, Policy Director, European Patients Forum

“It is socially and economically unsustainable to maintain the traditional vision of healthcare delivery…”
Paul de Raeve, General Secretary, European Federation of Nurses Associations


A joint publication
Based on contributions from a wide array of European organisations, thinkers, and experts, Self-Care Initiative Europe are honored and proud to be able to present “The Future of Self-Care in Europe” – an joint publication and compendium on the role of self-care in healthcare, education, workplace, home, and society.

The Future of Self-Care in Europe can be read as e-book (and downloaded as pdf) here.

We can also arrange print, if you/your organisation prefer; Contact us for more information about delivery dates, pricing for print etc.

A couple of teasers from the e-book

Visions to practice – Self-Care 2019
In 2019 we plan to create an updated/expanded version with additional input on best-practices, assessment tools, and communicative formats that can aid organisations in their effort to promote local self-care practices, policies, and awareness. If you have relevant material/studies/cases you think would fit the format, please contact us at engage@scie.eu.