5. October 2019

Self-Care Week Europe 2019

Join drive for empowerment, care, and wellbeing – November 18-24, 2019

Self-Care Week Europe is a pledge-driven campaign to engage professionals, decision makers, citizens, and communities to embrace, integrate, and implement self-care in practice. Find our 2019 toolkit here.

Self-Care across sectors

The campaign week combines local initiatives with digital presence, and political dialogue with practical advice. And gives a joint platform for a wide variety of professionals passionate about a truly personalized health effort, a sustainable model of care, and a stronger health care system in the future.


Who’s active?

In addition to SCiE core partners we are joining hands with other initiatives, organizations, networks, and projects; the list for 2019 is slowly growing across Europe and topics – see 2018 list here – but there are certainly still room for more.



What will happen in 2019?

Local activities and online actions

Nov Theme Event(s) in Activity
Mon, 18 Hygiene &  Vaccination Stockholm EAAD launch event
Tue, 19 Food & Nutrition Rome and Budapest Food safety activity
Wed, 20 Empowerment & Health literacy Copenhagen Self-management courses
Thu, 21 Economy of Wellbeing & Workplaces Helsinki Video presentation
Fri, 22 Community & Inclusion Utrecht Symposium on collaboration
Sat, 23 Exercise, Body & Livability Marseille Morning run
Sun, 24 Sleep & Mental health Athens Event for family carers


We have produced and collected a number of digital campaign materials as a joint toolkit to support local initiatives and actions – used in various ways by SCiE partners, collaborators, and network. 

Some will be used in community centers, some in schools, some in municipalities, some in workplaces. See the toolkit and find a series of posters with actionable advice, moving graphics, background for presentations, banners etc.

You can get initial ideas on actual actions in this short presentation or get ideas from the review of Self-Care Week UK  – also a very thorough and ambitious way of creating community engagement.

Centre for Empowering Patients and Communities have additional links, cases, and ideas for activities and actions in Spanish, French, English, and German.

Across the partners and participants at lot of local, regional, and national will generate a lot of publicity that we will help share via the combined network. We have created a short guide to help you use social media to showcase these initiatives.

In 2018 across we reached across 13 different European countries and some 50+ mio. Europeans – covering issues about self-care across the continuum. The 20+ strong voices across MEPs and MDs, health professionals and health communicators, researchers and activists in our e-book from November 2018 will be part of inspiration for more in 2019.


Want to learn more – or join?

Send us a mail about how to join the initiative for better self-care in Europe. You can also join our LinkedIn-group here – or consider joining our self-care group in the EU Health Policy Platform, the official EU-site for professional engagement in all health areas.