18. January 2017

Self-Care Week Europe 2018

A festival for empowerment, care, and wellbeing

– a drive to choose self-care for life in 2018

Self-Care Week Europe, November 12-18 2018, is a pledge-driven campaign to engage professionals, decision makers, and citizens to embrace self-care; a tool their certainly are already using, but could be leveraged towards even better care, empowerment, health and wellbeing for all.


The campaign week combines local initiatives with digital presence, and political dialogue with practical advice. And gives a joint platform for a wide variety of professionals passionate about a truly personalized health effort, a sustainable model of care, and a stronger health care system in the future.

What will happen?

  • SCiE has created a number campaign materials in a joint toolkit to support local initiatives and actions – downloadable from the SCiE website – and shared and distributed by SCiE partners, collaborators, and network. Some will be used in community centers, some in schools, some in municipalities, some in workplaces. You can get initial ideas on actions in this short presentation.
  • For more inspiration on use, one might look at the review of the Self-Care Week UK 2017 – a very thorough and ambitious way of creating community engagement.
  • Local, regional, and national activities, events, SoMe-initiatives, mailings, talks, seminars, etc – we are counting 13 different European countries at this point, reaching some 50+ mio. Europeans – covering issues about self-care across the continuum.
  • SCiE partners will ensure translation in a number of European languages – the exact number is being negotiated and coordinated, but expect Swedish, Estonian, Danish, English, Dutch, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian – more might join as new partners are added.
  • Some SCiE partners have arranged national seminars – and SCiE are arranging two webinars on the EU Health Policy Platform also, Tuesday November 13 and Friday November 16.
  • At an event at the European Parliament on November 6, SCiE will also publish a joint position – and policy publication (as an e-book optimized for print) with a strong collection of European experts voicing their opinion and insights about the future of self-care in Europe. Contributors count both MEPs and MDs, health professionals and health communicators,  researchers and activists.
  • For further about the campaign model and additional inspiration, see also the communication information for 2018 produced by Self-Care Week UK – or their advice on approaches to local activities here

Who are partnering?

In addition to the SCiE core partners, here are some of the organisations that are contributing to dissemination, creation, or coordination.





Want to learn more?

Visit the section about us and consider signing our Manifesto – or send us a mail about how to join the initiative for better self-care in Europe. You can also join our LinkedIn-group here – or have just a bit of patience, as we finish building our self-care group in the EU Health Policy Platform, the official EU-site for professional engagement in all health areas; certainly a site to join and for every health professional.