17. October 2021

Self-Care Week Europe 2021

Join drive for empowerment, care, and wellbeing – November 15-21, 2021

Self-Care Week Europe is a pledge-driven campaign to engage professionals, decision makers, citizens, and communities to embrace, integrate, and implement self-care in practice.

We encourage all to join, contribute, and share – you can use all our materials from our toolkit.

Or simply join our virtual/visual/digital #goselfcare event we started in 2020:

#GoSelfCare – how?

The “rules” are simple: go for a run or walk, take picture (selfie or landscape; photography skills not really needed) and share it by mail engage@scie.eu or post this via your own favourite SoMe twitter/instagram/LinkedIn – using #GoSelfCare. Using #selfcareweek might be a good idea too?

Whether you prefer walking, running, riding a bike (or even swimming), you’re taking a step to show practical self-care connects people – even when we’re not able to meet. #GoSelfCare has already had participants in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Scotland, England- and the US(!)- and you’re welcome too!

If you’d like participate, write us at engage@scie.eu or link/connect to our LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Or simply share #goselfcare. And enjoy your self-care, while you’re helping create awareness and connections.

Themes in 2021?

Local activities and online actions

Nov Theme    
Mon, 15 Empowerment & Health literacy    
Tue, 16 Economy of Wellbeing & Workplaces    
Wed, 17
Community & Inclusion    
Thu, 18
Hygiene & Vaccination    
Fri, 19
Food & Nutrition    
Sat, 20 Body & Livability    
Sun, 21 Sleep & Mental health    

Download programme/SoMe toolkit here (word-doc)

Self-Care Week Europe – who shares?

The campaign week combines local initiatives with digital presence, and political dialogue with practical advice. And gives a joint platform for a wide variety of professionals passionate about a truly personalized health effort, a sustainable model of care, and a stronger health care system in the future.

In addition to SCiE core partners we are joining hands with other initiatives, organizations, networks, and projects; We’ll be trying to have 2021 have all of the participants from 2020 returning – seen below – returning to share, and contribute. But more will hopefully be joining the week too – do you have tools and initiatives to share? Write us at engage@scie.eu.





We produce and collect a number of digital campaign materials as a joint toolkit to support local initiatives and actions – used in various ways by SCiE partners, collaborators, and network.

Use them in community centers, schools, municipalities, workplaces, SoMe – your choice. We’ll also share a short guide to use social media to showcase these initiatives.

In 2018-2020 across we reached some 50+ mio. Europeans – covering issues about self-care across the continuum. We also won an award for our approach!

You can also find inspiration from the 20+ strong voices across MEPs and MDs, health professionals and health communicators, researchers and activists in our e-book from November 2018.

Want to learn more – or join?

Send us a mail about how to join the initiative for better self-care in Europe. You can also join our LinkedIn-group here – or consider joining our self-care group in the EU Health Policy Platform, the official EU-site for professional engagement in all health areas.