14. July 2018


Summit in April
In Copenhagen on April 11-12 we hosted a Summit Conference on the role of self care in future European healthcare.
Self-Care Week Europe
We are arranging the basis for a European Self-Care Week with activities across Europe. Using a pledge-based model, we will be providing material for general use and appreciate all support in terms of time, network, ideas, and other resources. Read more.
– for model and inspiration, see the communication information about 2018 already produced by Self-Care Week UK
Hosted by Third-I, a series of policy seminars will highlight how self care can play a stronger role in future healthcare policy in the European Union. Read more.
The Netherlands
Upcoming is a Self Care Day in 2018 – date still in planning.


UK – November 2017
In the UK, the Self Care Forum arranges a series of activities to promote the issue. Among these are the Self Care Week – started by NHS in 2009, and since 2011 promoted by the Self Care Forum. Read more.
26th September 2017 – “Embracing Self Care for Life” – Conference in London
Scandinavia – September 2017
Started in Denmark in 2009, the Hygiene Week has engaged municipalities, institutions, schools, and companies in both Denmark and Sweden since 2011 – last year with 100 municipalities engaging in thousands of activities in nursing homes, shopping centres, kindergardens, workplaces, city halls, and much more; organised by the Danish Council for Better Hygiene. Read more.
12th September 2017 – “Strategies for Hygiene – Key to Prevention and Health” – Conference in Copenhagen
“Lær at tackle…” – or Learn to handle… – a series of self care courses using a Stanford Train the Trainer approach adapted to an array of physical or mental ailments, that learn or train citizens or patients to cope with their health challenges while maintaining a high quality of life. Implemented by 80% of Danish municipalities, and since also adapted for use in other European countries – by the Danish Committee for Health Education.
The Netherlands
The Self Care Factory holds a seminar on self care promotion – read more.