24. January 2017


SCiE – or Self-Care in Europe – is a cross-border network organization working to engage authorities and promote public-private partnerships to support the future of self-care.

One of our first initiatives was the Summit in 2018; a practical example of such a meeting of minds.

Our main objectives are to

  • Work to promote self-care as a concept and practice integral to the sustainability of healthcare ecosystems in the EU so that
    • By 2020 well-being and self-care in a holistic sense  is understood as a concept in Europe by all actors who can have an impact on its success and is embedded as part of the measurement for success of a functioning health ecosystem.
    • We enable all those living in Europe to have timely and affordable access to self-care solutions in complementarity to conventional medicines, prescribed treatments and therapies by 2020.
  • Strengthen the policy, regulatory and practice framework supporting self-care, and to elevate the issues on the policy-making and political agendas.
  • Build capacity and empower the various relevant stakeholders to embed self-care into health and wellbeing (including individuals, employers, economic actors, civil society, public administrations, healthcare manufacturers and providers, payers and communicators)

The issue of self-care in health is about establishing a humane and natural culture of maintaining health and preventing disease, while ensuring a stronger and more sustainable healthcare systems to support us, when the need arise.

SCiE integrates with both national and international stakeholders and initiatives to achieve these objectives – see also the list of resources here with links to other recent or ongoing projects and organisations with materials, guidelines, and recommendations you might find useful for both international, national, regional, or even local initiatives.

Members of SCiE

Want to become a member?

National and international organisations, institutions, societies, companies, or other parties wanting to join the cause can become a member of SCiE. As a member you get updates about events, policy news, initiatives, or similar – and only commit to disseminating these as much as you see fit. We hope you join meetings, use resources, and share your experiences – this is how we co-create a better framework for self-care in Europe.

Please write us at join@scie.eu to learn more – we appreciate your interest.