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We coordinate and support self-care initiatives in Europe
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Activities across Europe promoting self-care.

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Self-Care Week Europe – an initiative reaching millions

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Engaging, sharing, helping, creating - a better care

a learned tool enabling people to maintain health and to cope with illness and disability. Along with better health literacy it also supports optimal and timely use of available health services while avoiding a total dependency upon them for minor ailments.

Effective support of self-care is aimed at enabling people in their ability to live independently. Informing the public about health, health risks, disease management etc. and supporting new behaviour in carrying out self-care, is crucial. It is also necessary for health care professionals to support citizens and patients in their self-care where new technologies, like internet platforms, mobile apps, and sensor devices, offer new opportunities.

  • Citizens and patients

  • For all groups

  • Across ages or income

  • In healthcare and life

Self-Care in Europe welcomes all who wish to learn or promote self-care

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