13. July 2018


Self-Care & Antibiotics

Nov 16
Fighting the ghost of healthcare present – and ghoul of healthcare future For at the European Antibiotic Awareness Day event November 15 in Brussels, Self-Care Initiative Europe and Policy Lead Jacqueline Bowman were invited to share thoughts on how to leverage the full potential of citizens, engagement, and empowerment in

Future vision

Nov 16
Dive into visions of the future of self-care in Europe As part of the Self-Care Week Europe 12-18 November 2018, we published the e-book “The Future of Self-Care in Europe”. The book gathers 26 great contributions from thinkers and doers in Europe – with forewords by DG Sante Deputy Director

Self-Care Message Across Europe

Nov 05
Early start of messaging for Self-Care Week Europe As part of our work in SCiE, getting the message across is key. And this naturally also applies to Self-Care Week Europe. And thus it is a great case to have the CPME include the materials in their recent newsletter to their

Call for papers – International Journal of Care Coordination

Jul 01
OPEN CALL FOR PAPERS  – Translating Policies into Self-Care Practices Deadline 6 Nov 2018 We are delighted to announce that The Int Journal of Care Coordination has launched a new call for papers: Deadline: 6 Nov. 2018. A Big thank you to the editor, Professor Bert Vrijhoef, for proposing this

Self-care policy – live in action

Jun 15
AMR as case for future self-care Debate at the Danish policy festival, Folkemødet 2018, about antibiotic resistance – and the need to engage everyone in caring for themselves and others to help solve this challenge. If one was still looking for a killer USP of self-care, AMR fits the bill

Summit in April
In Copenhagen on April 11-12 we hosted a Summit Conference on the role of self care in future European healthcare.

Self-Care Week Europe
We are arranging the basis for a European Self-Care Week with activities across Europe. Using a pledge-based model, we will be providing material for general use and appreciate all support in terms of time, network, ideas, and other resources. Read more.
– for model and inspiration, see the communication information about 2018 already produced by Self-Care Week UK

Hosted by Third-I, a series of policy seminars will highlight how self care can play a stronger role in future healthcare policy in the European Union. Read more.

The Netherlands
Upcoming is a Self Care Day in 2018 – date still in planning.


UK – November 2017
In the UK, the Self Care Forum arranges a series of activities to promote the issue. Among these are the Self Care Week – started by NHS in 2009, and since 2011 promoted by the Self Care Forum. Read more.
26th September 2017 – “Embracing Self Care for Life” – Conference in London

Scandinavia – September 2017
Started in Denmark in 2009, the Hygiene Week has engaged municipalities, institutions, schools, and companies in both Denmark and Sweden since 2011 – last year with 100 municipalities engaging in thousands of activities in nursing homes, shopping centres, kindergardens, workplaces, city halls, and much more; organised by the Danish Council for Better Hygiene. Read more.
12th September 2017 – “Strategies for Hygiene – Key to Prevention and Health” – Conference in Copenhagen

“Lær at tackle…” – or Learn to handle… – a series of self care courses using a Stanford Train the Trainer approach adapted to an array of physical or mental ailments, that learn or train citizens or patients to cope with their health challenges while maintaining a high quality of life. Implemented by 80% of Danish municipalities, and since also adapted for use in other European countries – by the Danish Committee for Health Education.

The Netherlands
The Self Care Factory holds a seminar on self care promotion – read more.